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If you have minor children, you need an estate plan in Washington.

Image of a AAPI child whose parents divorced in the state of Washington

As parents, we will do anything to protect the safety and well being of our children.  This includes planning for the unthinkable.  If your children were to be left without a parent due to incapacity or death, who would care for them?  How would they be provided for financially?  The time to plan is now.

At Wysocki Law, we make it easy to create an estate plan to protect your children's well-being, financial security and future.  We can help you design and execute your estate plan without ever leaving your home. 

We can help you name a guardian for your children - both temporary and permanent.  We can establish trusts to provide for your children's financial needs, when you are not able.  We can help you protect your children's inheritance from their creditors, and minimize taxes on your estate.

Family circumstances can change without warning. Through it all, you can set your children up to thrive by always putting their needs first and planning ahead.   Do not procrastinate - let us help! 

An image of a young girl and her father who has recently hired Wysocki Law in Tacoma, WA for legal representation in a divorce

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