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When divorcing with children, there is one constant: the needs of the child always come first. Couples stay together 'just for the kids' partially because it’s hard to divorce when you have children.

Image of a AAPI child whose parents divorced in the state of Washington

Even when the parents get along and generally agree on everything about the children right down to who drives which child to which practice, it’s still hard. That’s before you have to make formal child custody and support decisions.

Then there’s this: life happens.

Family circumstances are fluid; laws and guidelines are amended or changed seemingly without warning; the economy is hardly consistent; and a host of other things, expected and not. They only add to the complexity. Usually incrementally. Through it all, you can set your children up to thrive by always putting their needs first.

An image of a young girl and her father who has recently hired Wysocki Law in Tacoma, WA for legal representation in a divorce

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