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​Washington has, as you’d expect, laws and schedules and formulas for child support. Statutory ‘support guidelines’ provide a baseline for child support payments. Income levels, earning potential(s), number of children, and more are factored into the child support calculation.

Like the pirate ‘rules’ in Pirates of the Caribbean, the rules are really ‘more of a guideline.’ You can find the rules and read the child support statutes online. They should not, and cannot, be taken literally. They are the baseline only.

You will not find the final figure in the statutes or online. Family situations may warrant a deviation from the guidelines – up or down.

Payment of 'special expenses' includes things like uninsured medical, educational, extracurricular, and long distance transportation costs.  Parents can agree to share special expenses, uniquely tailored to their family.

Parents can agree on child support that works for their family, if the agreement provides adequate support for the children. 

Whether settling child support payments, seeking a child support modification or adjustment, the first thing we look at are the children’s needs and each parent’s economic situation.

Child support is area of family law that has a tendency to change rapidly.  It is also highly customizable to the needs of each family.

Remember, when it comes to child custody, parenting plans, and child support, parents must always consider the interests of the children first and foremost.  

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