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Parenting plan

Discussions about the children, especially who they live with and when, can be the most emotional aspects of a divorce. Developing and keeping a parenting plan that puts the needs of the children first is essential. Wysocki Law is here to guide you in developing a durable parenting plan the sets your children up to thrive.

An AAPI woman playing with her young daughter on their couch after implementing a child custody schedule with a familay law attorney.

We are committed to helping our clients be in the best possible position to make decisions about their children. We start by listening.  We make sure you understand your rights, options, and duties under Washington law.

We know – and we know our clients know – how vital it is that children keep healthy, stable relationships with the adults in their lives, barring unusual circumstances.

An African American man reading with his young daughter post divorce

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What Our Clients Are Saying

​"Cindy kindly guided me through the labyrinth of legal procedure when I was overwhelmed by uncertainty and despair from seeing my children only sporadically. Thanks to her support, I have an equitable parenting plan." 

Divorce/Child Custody Client

A young woman with her young some bond after successfully gaining full child custody after a divorce.
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