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A human approach to law

We use the law to help families strategically plan for peace. 

By doing it right, we have a positive effect on families, our community and, we believe, the world.

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At Wysocki Law, PLLC, we are committed to helping families navigate legal matters in a proactive, peaceful and efficient manner.  We guide families through a legal process that incorporates good faith, respect, and honesty in a humanistic approach to planning and problem solving.

Our founder, Cindy Wysocki's, commitment to peaceful planning and conflict resolution draws from her diverse background, including hotly contested litigation and ongoing training in mediation and Collaborative Law.  Cindy has seen the hurt, turmoil and financial devastation caused by conflict and litigation.  She believes that families want and deserve peace, not war. 

Cindy spent her first years out of law school as a public defender. Public defender is where newly minted lawyers go to get instant client and courtroom experience. It can be a ‘sink or swim’ immersion into the practice of law. Cindy swam. She got trial experience from virtually her first day. A few years of rapid-fire, high volume litigation, though, were enough. 

She left the public defender’s office and traveled the world, through the United States, Central and Eastern Europe, East Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Nepal, India, Alaska, England, France, Ireland, and Costa Rica.  


When she returned to practicing law, Cindy found that serving families was meaningful work that had direct impact on people’s lives. Using the law to help families meant seeing a tangible impact on people’s lives while improving their lives for the better.


As Cindy's practice has evolved over the years, she has come to firmly believe that families need and want peace.  They need to be heard, they want financial security, and they want their children to be given the best chance to thrive. 

They want their legacies to outlive themselves. As a business owner herself, Cindy understands the blood, sweat and tears that go into building one's legacy.  She also understands the proactive steps that need to be taken to protect that legacy for future generations.

To accomplish what most people really want, families need compassionate, proactive legal planning.  And this is the service her firm seeks to provide: helping families proactively plan for peace. 

Cindy is committed becoming evermore skillful in helping families plan for the future and secure the peace they deserve.  Cindy is the first Washington State member of the Amicable Divorce Network member.  She serves on the board of Collaborative Professionals of Washington and is a member of Collaborative Law Professionals of Pierce County and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  She is also an author for Lexis Practical Guidance in the Trusts and Estates.   

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Wysocki Law, PLLC was born.

More about our founder

Cindy Wysocki is our attorney and founder. Cindy graduated from Truman State University, where she studied art and political science.  Then she attended Washington University School of Law, where she received a full tuition Scholar in Law Award (academic merit scholarship) and the Stan ‘the Man’ Musial scholarship (Hall of Fame St. Louis Cardinal).  In her third year of law school, Cindy was awarded a U.S. Department of Defense David Boren Fellowship.  That scholarship sent her to Krakow, Poland for a year to study and conduct research to build on her earlier experiences working for the United States Agency for International Development Projekt Firma 2000.

A stint as a public defender followed her graduation from 'Wash U.' Then she roamed the globe before coming back to Washington and opening her own firm. With her breadth of diverse and eclectic experiences, it’s no wonder Cindy has a unique, resourceful style of practicing law. 

When she is not helping clients with legal issues, Cindy spends time with her family.  She loves the outdoors and sports of all kinds. She enjoys writing, drawing, nature, the contemplative arts, and is a huge fan of Wim Hof and the power within.

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Meet our Case Manager

Maria Mendizabal is our beloved and tech-saavy case manager. She spent two years in film school before moving to a different art university where she got her degree in Art & Cultural Management and Curatorship.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Maria found herself expanding her interests and horizons, both personally and professionally. She decided to find new ways to apply her skills and her caring sense of empathy and found the legal field was a great place to do so. Her studies provided her with extensive creative problem-solving abilities and people skills, which she applies both in her client facing work and her many behind the scenes projects at the firm.

Whether it’s guiding our clients through the bureaucratic aspects of the legal processes, or just providing an empathetic ear to their concerns, Maria is there to help make our clients feel supported. She’s a firm believer in the indispensability of teamwork to achieve great things and being part of Wysocki Law, PLLC has served to further prove that for her.

When she’s not working, you will probably find her at an art exhibition, sipping on a chai latte. She loves to read, hike, do pilates, but most of all spend time with her cats, along with friends and family.

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