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Will: noun, "The power to decide or control."  Merriam Webster 


A Last Will and Testment is a powerful tool that allows you to decide how your affairs will be handled after you are gone.  It allows you to decide what will happen with your assets and your children.  It can make your intentions clear and relieve your family of the burden of making difficult decisions for you without your express input.  It promotes peace by bringing clarity during a time of grief.

Did your sister in California tell you not to use a will?  Did she say you have to make sure to use a revocable living trust, or you will regret it?  Call us and ask about that.  She may be right; or she may not be.

Is a will the only estate planning document you need?  Probably not.  Call us and ask about that.


Family circumstances can change without warning. Through it all, you can set your family up for peace by planning ahead.  

At Wysocki Law, we make estate planning easy.  We will guide you and answer your questions every step of the way.  We can help you design and execute your estate plan without ever leaving your home.   Do not procrastinate - let us help you plan!



Trust: noun, "A trust is a legal instrument used in estate planning to manage and distribute assets and property."  Merriam Webster 

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