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"All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

This is how Tolstoy introduced Anna Karenina. He may have written that in 1878, long before 'family law' was a thing, but no one has ever so neatly summed it up.

Divorce is at the heart of family law. It sounds like a cliché to say 'no two divorces are ever the same' but it is true. Every divorce is unique on a purely factual basis. Emotions add fuel to that uniqueness.

Wysocki Law understands that your situation is unique. We know that no two clients are ever the same. That’s why we listen. We want to hear your story. To help you get through a major life change, we need to hear your story.

A black woman and her young daughter embrace as she prepares for a divorce and is represented by Wysocki Law

Common questions about divorce

How is my life going to change?

How do I talk to the kids?

What about the house?

How long is the divorce going to take?

Do I have to go in front of a judge?

What do I need to do while the case is pending?

Will the divorce affect my relationship with our friends? My In-laws?

A man embraces his infant son after filing for divorce in Washington state

Get the answers you're seeking

Wysocki Law will answer those questions and more. Our clients are never in the dark about their matter. They always know where they and their case stand.

Different circumstances require different actions, different solutions.

Some clients have just started to think about a split and want to explore their options. Others come to us almost in a daze after being served 'divorce papers' completely out of the blue. Still others sense that something is going on with their spouse.

Sometimes both spouses, together, have decided the time is right.  Different people have different situations with different needs and concerns.

Wysocki Law is here to guide clients through the legal complexities to the best possible outcome and a hopeful start to a new life.

One thing every client has in common – they have questions. They are moving from what they’ve known every day, possibly for decades, to the unknowable possibilities and a new beginning.

An African American woman signs legal document after filing for divorce in Washington State


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Cindy truly has a one of a kind, compassionate and honest heart. She is non-judgmental and understanding. Cindy really pays attention and remembers every important detail."

Family Law Client

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