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A young woman and her toddler daughter laughing and playing after going through a child custody battle


We help you protect your family's future.

We lead with listening and help our clients gain a clear understanding of their options for proactive planning so they can make informed decisions that secure the future of their family, while staying out of court.


What our clients value most when working with us.

Gaining a clear and more secure path forward regarding family and financial circumstances.

Feeling more at ease knowing that plans and decisions are in place should anything happen.

Believing in yourself and feeling more empowered to plan for a peaceful future.

An AAPI woman and her 2 young children on the couch playing on their phone in King County Washington


We help families plan for peace.

At Wysocki Law, PLLC, we understand that all families change over time. Changes range from joyous to devastating, and everything in between. At Wysocki Law, we proactively plan to help families peacefully navigate change. We choose order over chaos; proactive solutions over reactive.

We plan for peace.

We help families plan for peace.
An African American woman with an afro stops to tie her daughters shoe in a park in Tacoma, WA.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I am grateful to Cindy’s impeccable professionalism and understanding of the law, she became my greatest ally and voice of reason for moving forward with grace through overwhelming conflict. She prepared a direction that lead this seemingly unrepairable situation to a peaceful settlement. Instead of propagating distrust and anger, I left feeling grounded, resolved, and fully capable of picking up my life and starting fresh."

Getting Started

We know that legal matters can be complicated. We choose to simplify the process as much as possible, right from the beginning.

An older, red-headed woman scheduling a consultation with Wysocki Law regarding a property division issue

1.  Discovery Call

Call or email our office and speak with our Case Manager who will check for conflicts and make sure your matter is within our practice and geographical areas. 

A woman with an infant child sitting at a desk as she completes paperwork for her marital separation.

2.  Consultation

Schedule a consultation with the Attorney.

During that call, the Attorney will provide legal advice, different viable courses of action for your situation, and the information needed to retain the Firm, should you decide to do so.

A racially ambiguous woman in the lobby of Wysocki Law completing paperwork

3.  Retaining Our Services

Upon deciding to retain the Firm, you will receive a Welcome Email containing the steps to begin working with us. From there, we will be in frequent communication, providing updates and upcoming milestones. 

Clients are welcome to call, text or email our office with any questions. Our staff is always happy to help!

A headshot of Cyndy Wysocki, lead attorney for Wysocki Law, serving clients in Pierce, WA & King, WA.


Request a Consultation

Disclaimer: submitting this form does not create an attorney/client relationshipPlease do not share confidential information about your case before we contact you.

We will contact you as soon as we can!

By using a legal process that helps families plan for peace,     
we have a positive effect on families, our community and, we believe, the world. 

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